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About Us
The Carlson Funeral Home has been serving families at it's 45 Franklin Square location for almost 70 years. Built in 1861, as the parsonage for South Congregational Church, it is Italianate in architectural style and was home to four ministers and their families until being sold in 1890 to Mortimer Judd, one of New Britain's leading industrialists. In January of 1933, the house was purchased by Aaron W. Carlson for use as a funeral home. Mr. Carlson had originally owned a retail furniture store and funeral service in downtown New Britain.

Aaron Carlson was joined by his son, Ernest W. Carlson in the 30's. Ernest's twin brother Leonard joined the firm after World War II. Both served our country in Army graves registration units during the war, Ernest in Europe and Leonard in the Pacific theatre. Together with their sister, Victoria Larson, Ernie and Lennie continued to operate the funeral home after the death of their father in 1955. In 1957 a major addition was added to the home and though renovated, the house still retains it's warm, dignified character.

A third generation family member, Kent Carlson, joined the firm in 1970. Kent's wife Betsy, became a licensed funeral director in 1982 and helped run the business until her death in 2012. Now, along with their father, the fourth generation of the Carlson family has begun serving the greater New Britain community. Erik and James Carlson joined the firm in August, 1999 along with their younger sister, Karalyn, who joined them in 2011.

Email: carlsonfh@aol.com

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