Monuments & Engravings

Carlson Funeral Home has a Monument/Engraving Company called Kent Memorials.

Kent Memorials

Monuments are a fitting tribute and can represent the experiences and passions to one's life.  From start to finish, Carlson's tries to cover all aspects of a funeral, to help lessen the burden of a grieving family.  This includes monuments or engraving needed at a cemetery.  We offer monuments and markers of all sizes, shapes and colors.  We coordinate all of the paperwork, manufacturing, shipping, foundation installations and the settings of the monuments in the cemetery.  We also coordinate with the cemetery to make sure the parameters of cemetery rules  and regulations are followed (i.e. size restrictions, religious emblems, etc).  We also do engravings for monuments that are already in a cemetery that may need a name or dates added after someone has passed away.  We pay meticulous attention to detail, and pride ourselves on matching specific fonts and styles of letters already on the stone.  Over time, many monuments at cemeteries become dirty and can grow moss, mold, algae or lichen so much so that the words or names on the monument become unreadable.  These problems take away from the beauty of the stone.  We can professionally clean monuments at a family's request.  Covering the needs of that family is our objective.